Our work is our passion.

Canadian Education Consultants & Employment Service Providers

We are Canadian education consultants and employment service providers with international partnerships and in-house experts. uGen’s consultants are Canada Course Graduates (CCGs) with the International Consultants for Education and Fairs GmbH (ICEF) and have years of experience helping students and professionals from a multitude of industries with diverse backgrounds.

Our qualified experts focus on getting you on an academic and career path that is both fulfilling and economically promising so that you could reach your true potential. In that sense, we are not just your Canadian education consultants and employment services provides, we are your partners in success. Learn more about our core philosophy.

Our Purpose

To bring about positive change in the world by helping individuals and communities realize their full potential through purpose-led learning and meaningful life pursuits.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help students and professionals maximize their growth potential in a time-efficient manner.

Our Values

We exude trust, commitment and passion. As such, our core values define our ethos and our conduct.

Our Work

We do not mistake activity for achievement. Our consultants take pride in what they help you achieve. Our biggest accolade is your success.

Same But Different

We are passionate about providing the best of our skills and experience to you. It is easy to do for someone who has walked the talk. We have spent countless hours learning and perfecting the exact same trajectory that we accompany you on – as students and as professionals.

At uGen, we understand you, your goals, your motivations; but also your fears and your concerns. We have been students, career professionals and entrepreneurs. But more importantly, we are parents, co-workers, partners and friends. Therefore, we are the same as you. And that makes us different from everyone else.

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