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Your talent and education are  the bastions of your economic potential. You deserve every opportunity to utilize these assets to maximize your earning potential while doing what you love to do. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not really. Whether you are new to the job market, in middle of a transition or looking to take on a more challenging role, give us the opportunity to help you fulfill your dreams. Through our suite of employment services, we take you along the journey from identifying the best opportunities to getting you settled in your corner office.

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Résumé and Interviewing

Having helped hundreds of professionals from diverse fields, we know what it takes to stand out. Our consultants believe in paying attention to details when it comes to making you the most sought after candidate. From a professionally designed résumé that articulates your unique value to in-depth training on how to interview for your target role, we equip you with the essential tools to help you secure your dream career. We help create your immaculate LinkedIn profile, business cards, ATS-friendly résumé and offer video-recorded interview preparation sessions.

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Career Development & Training

Career success means more than landing a job. We want to see you progress in your profession and achieve true excellence. Our professional development services include workshops and one-on-one consulting on job search strategy and tips, networking skills, communication skills, personal branding, professional certifications and accreditations among others. We invite the best industry experts to advise you on areas that matter the most when it comes to reaching the pinnacle of your career success. Give us a shout to find out more about our career development and training programs.

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Job Search Strategies & Placement

We fully understand the challenges involved in searching for a suitable job. It is tiring and often times without a clear end in sight. That is why, we like to save you the frustration of hearing “no” again and again. Most of all we save you valuable time by helping you find a job commensurate with your skill-set, education and experience so that you could start earning sooner than later. Through our network of employers across Canada, you can rely on us to find you your labour of love.

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Client Success Story

“Being new to Canada meant I needed to work extra hard to find work in my field. My education and experience from outside of Canada just didn’t seem to work for me. I applied for more than three months without getting a single interview call. Then someone referred me to uGen. Their employment services helped me land my first job in Canada in a couple of months. It is incredible that I needed to learn so much that I had no idea of.”

Afryea Assan, Communications Specialist

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At uGen, we recognize that in a world characterized by transformational changes happening at the speed of light, you can no longer rely on demonstrating conventional skill-sets and knowledge to grow your career and achieve your potential.

Today, you must raise your profile to be noticed by the best employers. This is where our consulting expertise and our international outreach play a key role. We help you focus on what’s important for you—your continued growth.

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