Everything a student needs to settle in quickly

Settlement support starts even before your child arrives at an airport in Canada. We find them suitable accommodation close to their educational institution. Once your child arrives at an airport in Canada, we take full ownership of their settlement process from picking them up at the airport to getting their first bank account opened in Canada and showing them how to shop for groceries. However, our focus remains on providing the best options for making Canada their permanent home. Upon completion of your child’s education in Canada and getting a job offer, the dream of becoming a permanent resident of Canada becomes a reality.

Post-Arrival Support

  • Accommodation and public transit
  • Food and shopping
  • Bank, credit and income tax
  • Legal rights

Settlement Essentials

  • Permanent residence pathways
  • Mentoring and career guidance
  • Resume and personal branding
  • Buying your first car in Canada

Community and Recreation

  • Networking and volunteering
  • Internships and co-op work
  • Health, fitness, sports and leisure
  • Vacations and travel

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